No War On Women? Look at what Republicans Did Thursday


The Party of Destruction has waged a ruthless war on women for more than two decades. These mostly old, white men, deny women their human rights, choosing instead to violate the Constitution and support a single religion based on fantasy. The Party of Destruction believes that women are inferior to men, and therefore do not deserve equal pay. The party’s leader said during the debates that Hillary Clinton ‘did not look presidential.’ The only possible reason was that she failed to have a penis. Meanwhile Trump obvious believed that he did appear presidential, although he is obese; more than 60 pounds overweight, wears the worst toupee in history, and is nothing more than a dirty old man.

Ted Cruz, Paul Ryan, and Mitch McConnell have led the movement to defund Planned Parenthood. For decades this agency has served low-income and poor women with reproductive problems. In an entirely fallacious effort, the Republican controlled Senate voted today to remove funding from this much needed agency. They claim that it is purely an ‘abortion clinic.’ Hypocritical Senators from the Party of Destruction could not pass the measure without a tie-breaking vote by your illegitimate vice-president, Mike Pence. They were certain that they could count on a religious extremist to make the lives of low-income and poor women even more difficult.

It’s easy to understand why the party of old, white men hate women; women are far more intelligent and have ideas for improving the future of the American people instead of destroying advances made in the last 60 years for the working class.

Those who voted for Trump have given the Party of Destruction permission to remove human rights, and harm the vast majority of Americans as their support for special interests grows. African Americans, Hispanics, Women, Muslims, Jews, the LGBTQ community, and anyone else who commits the crime of not being white, must suffer so the wealthiest among us can buy another $40 million home they don’t need.

Social media posted pictures of recent meetings held by the Party of Destruction in a failed attempt to pass Trumpcare. There were no women present, and it was so white that their features were in-distinguishable.

In the very near future, most members of the Party of Destruction will be in their graves, and women and minorities will control our government in Washington. If the American people would have taken the time to be informed, this would have begun last November and Hillary Clinton would be working in the White House. She would not be partying and playing golf most of her time in office.

But that’s another story.


By James Turnage


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