Without Class or Compassion, Republicans Separate Themselves from Democrats


It would be impossible to compare President Obama with your illegitimate President, Donald Trump; they are complete opposites. The America of Mr. Obama celebrated our nation’s compassion, diversity, and offered hope to all Americans. The Obama family displayed dignity and class for the eight short years they occupied the White House. Mr. Obama’s intellect and communication skills were extraordinary. His sense of humor, including the ability to laugh at himself, were refreshing.

Trump is the exact opposite of everything above. Probably the most revealing is the fact that he has ‘occasionally’ occupied the White House for just over two months, and it seems like years.

Other than the fact that Trump is a paranoid egomaniac, what bothers me the most is that he has absolutely no morals, and no sense of humor.

A person without a sense of humor is like a wagon without springs. It’s jolted by every pebble on the road.” Henry Ward Beecher

Trump is a bitter and angry old man. He chooses to view everything with darkness surrounding it. His prejudices have taken a toll, and is very likely an extremely unhappy man. He continues to seek gratification for his empty soul from the adulation of his ignorant supporters.

But he is not alone. In general, the Party of Destruction is filled with ‘downers;’ men and women who see the worst, and lack compassion.

When I read that Trump and his cronies will not be attending the ‘Correspondents Dinner,’ I was not surprised. Trump claims to hate the press, but in truth simply attempts to manipulate them. He lacks the ability to laugh at himself because he is mentally challenged, and would be out of place at this event; an event designed for the purpose of self-deprecation.

The media and other invited guests are most likely pleased that many Republicans in name only will stay home and read their bibles.

The Party of Destruction has a single definition of the word ‘party;’ “A political group with particular beliefs and aims and which supportsmembers who are trying to get elected to public office.”

The other definition has no meaning for them: “A social gathering at which people talkeatdrink, and enjoy themselves.”


By James Turnage

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