Will Republicans Win Their War on the Truth?


For years the Party of Destruction has waged a war against women. Denying this fact is ludicrous. Every member of the GOP has considered women as second hand citizens for decades. Beginning in 2001, the Party of Destruction began a war on the working class. Tax breaks for the wealthy, and a refusal to support much needed social programs began what exists today; severe income inequality.

With Trump as their illegitimate president, the Party of Destruction has begun a new war; a war against the truth.

There is a singular and important difference between facts and lies; facts cannot be disproved, but lies can. There is a preponderance of circumstantial evidence that Donald Trump and many of his circle of sinners colluded with Russia, specifically Vladimir Putin, for many years. From laundering money for Russian oligarchs to efforts assisting Trump’s presidential campaign, a very close relationship between Trump and Putin is undeniable.

Last week hearings began to “investigate” this Russian connection. After chairman Devin Nunes made a visit to the White House, they abruptly ended. A second hearing had been scheduled for Tuesday, but Nunes canceled it without consulting with other members on his panel, and without explanation.

Trump promised to ‘repeal and replace’ Obamacare ‘ on day one.’ Paul Ryan and others in the Party of Destruction continued their hypocrisy and supported Trumpcare, which was not a healthcare program for everyone. More than 24 million Americans would have lost their benefits. Just another lie from Trump, protected by Ryan and his traitorous cronies.

After the 2005 recording of Trump’s admission that he considers women as tools for his personal pleasure was revealed, other tapes from Trump’s “reality show,” ‘The Apprentice’ surfaced. This gave courage to more than a dozen women who reported to the press that they had been sexually assaulted by Trump. The mainstream media has conveniently forgotten these events; obviously assisting Trump with his efforts to cover-up the truth.

Trump lied during his campaign whenever he opened his mouth. For example; he told his supporters that he would fill his staff with the best men and women in the nation. All of his appointees and nominees have absolutely no qualifications for their positions. He has rewarded billionaires who were loyal to him and in a blatant act of nepotism created “jobs” for his son-in-law and daughter. He also created an unnecessary position for his personal ‘spin doctor,’ Kellyanne Conway.

Yesterday Trump told one of his biggest lies; a lie which will effect the entire planet, and harm American workers. Trump signed an executive order to remove many of the environmental protections instituted by President Obama. In his announcement he focused on the coal industry. He claimed that his action would create more jobs in the industry; mostly untrue. His executive order will aid the owners of coal mines, and do very little for workers. Under President Obama, more than 600,000 high-paying jobs were created in the ‘clean energy’ industry; Coal mines employ approximately 75,000 men whose wages barely keep their families above the poverty level.

Since Trump’s illegitimate victory in November, the number of lies told by Trump and the Party of Destruction are impossible to count. Trump’s administration cannot exist if the truth is told, and there are no “alternative facts.”

For eight years leaders of the Party of Destruction lied to the American people, and failed to accomplish a single positive action; this situation is becoming worse today.

Remember one truth; one fact; “if Trump’s lips are moving, he lying.

2018 is coming; time for the American people to have a win.


By James Turnage


Follow me on twitter; @jamesturnage


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