Why Trump Refuses to Throw Out the First Pitch

Trump Illness

Attached to this article is a very humorous list of the 10 reasons Trump will not follow a tradition by generations of American presidents and throw out the first pitch on opening day for the Washington Nationals. I have only two reasons, and they are not funny; he is too old and too fat.

It has been ignored that not only did Trump refuse to offer his tax returns to the American people, he also refused to reveal a comprehensive health record. It is now a fact that he must undergo a psychiatric evaluation; he is obviously a paranoid egomaniac and unfit to be your illegitimate president.

No man or woman who is mentally sound explodes when he or she receives the slightest criticism. No man or woman can believe the lies they tell and call them ‘alternative facts.’ No sane man or woman constantly seeks support for his or her fragile ego by continuing to hold campaign rallies for his supporters.

Trump is about one month older than I am. However, his mental acuity is questionable, and the fact that he is more than 60 pounds overweight makes him ‘obese.’ He is in danger of diabetes, and heart failure. His reported diet and choice to sit and watch cable television most of the day confirm that he likely has high blood pressure and problems with cholesterol.

You now understand why Trump refused the honor offered to his predecessors; he is physically unable to throw a baseball sixty-feet-six-inches.


By James Turnage


Photo Courtesy of Steve Baker

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