A Very Good Reason Why Trump Refuses to Reveal his Tax Returns


The rest of the developed world has accepted proof that Trump has been an agent for Vladimir Putin for many years. Members of the Party of Destruction are desperately attempting to hide the facts. Meanwhile, legitimate American news agencies are discovering additional proof that every allegation relating to Trump’s close ties with Putin are factual. Not only did Trump’s campaign team refuse to admit that they colluded with Russia during the election, the “Golden Showers Dossier,” revealing the fact that Trump associated not only with prostitutes but also Russian oligarchs has been proven to be a truthful document.

While Devin Nunes attempts to derail House investigations into Trump and his associates ties to Russia, additional evidence has been reported by the press.

USA Today is revealing ‘court cases, government and legal documents and an interview with a former federal prosecutor that Trump illegally conspired with wealthy Russians and oligarchs from former Soviet Republics to advance his business interests.’

The Golden Showers Dossier claims that Trump engaged with Russian oligarchs to assist them with money laundering operations, primarily with the purchase of American real estate.

In a court case circumstantial evidence is not the first choice of a prosecutor. However, when there is an abundance of this form of evidence, his or her case becomes much stronger. In the case of Donald Trump vs America the ‘smoke is suffocating,’ and soon the fire will engulf our government.

Common sense proves that Trump is a criminal and should be in federal prison instead of infesting the White House.

Trump refuses to offer his tax returns to the American people which could discount any illegal activities. There is a good reason for his historical refusal to prove himself to the American people; he is an immoral man who has committed multiple crimes against the United States of America.

If you choose to read the details of USA Today’s revelations, the article will be attached below.


By James Turnage


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