Trump’s Foreign Policy is a Mess: Anyone Surprised?


Take an illegitimate president who knows nothing about government; add a couple of dozen advisers and cabinet members who either have no experience, or who have failed in their past political efforts. What do you get? Abject failure.

The media has focused primarily on Trump’s failure related to domestic issues. But we must not ignore foreign policy.

Trump’s first two involvements in international relations of extreme importance were horrendous and deadly.

The first time Trump was informed about a missile launch by North Korea, he was once again partying at Mar-a-Lago. Not a single qualified military or security adviser was present. Trump failed to move to a secure area, or contact experts in their fields. In the middle of the dining room, Trump, his son-in-law, and Steve Bannon reviewed the incident and virtually ignored the situation; back to the party.

A mission to obtain documents regarding the security of America had been planned for months. A small team of Navy Seals would be dispatched to an Al Qaeda compound in Yemen. Their purpose was to secretly gather computers, laptops, and any documents applicable to the terrorist’s plans. The mission was planned for a ‘moonless night’ to enhance security, and therefore did not take place until after Trump’s pitiful inauguration.

Once again Trump was at Mar-a-Lago; it was a Sunday, and Trump refuses to “work” on a Sunday. He was asked if the mission was a “go.” Without any advice, and hundreds of miles away from the White House Situation Room, Trump approved the raid. The result was a disaster. More than a dozen women and at least one child were killed. One Navy Seal lost his life, and three more were injured. It remains questionable whether or not the information; the purpose for the mission; was obtained.

President Obama was often criticized for his foreign policy. Some of his detractors were correct, and often they were not. However, after just two months in office, Trump continues to receive a failing grade.

During his campaign, Trump frequently denounced President Obama and our military leadership. He once said: “I know more than the generals.” After watching his failures, I wouldn’t trust him to represent my nation in the board game of ‘battleship.’


By James Turnage


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