Is the Mainstream Media Racist?


Guilt by association is valid. The fact the billionaire Robert Mercer, who supports both Breitbart and Trump, Steve Bannon, a proud member of ‘alt-right,’ and Jeff Sessions are white supremacists offers proof that Trump joins their distorted and vile beliefs.

Since November 8th, 2016, it appears that the mainstream media is also racist. Unreported are the number of hate crimes committed since Trump’s illegitimate election.

Just 10 days after the election, the Southern Poverty Law Center reported 867 hate crimes. New York City reported a 35 percent increase in these vile acts in 2016, with many of them occurring after the election. At least 43 hate crimes were committed in the first month after the election compared to 20 in 2015. This is another element in the Trump Effect.

The mainstream media has failed to honestly report these facts. African Americans, Hispanics, Muslims, the LGBTQ community, Jews, and women have been verbally and physically abused since Trump’s highly contested win last November.

Black churches have been vandalized; mosques have been burned; Muslim women who choose to wear the hijab have been verbally threatened; openly gay and lesbian men and women have been slandered and threatened with violence; women across the United States have been condemned for voicing their opinions about our immoral and illegitimate president.

This singular fact should be on the front page of every newspaper across the United States, and the lead story on television news. Why are they afraid to tell the truth? Are they in collusion with Trump to “make America white again?”

The “big” story should not be Trump’s Constitutional violations, or his idiocy as he pretends to be a president. It should be the fact that Americans are in danger. Freedom and individual rights are being ignored.

The fourth estate has failed the American people since June of 2015. It’s time for them to stand up for all Americans and join the revolution; 2018 is coming soon.


By James Turnage

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