America Has Two Parties: The Democratic Party and the Party of Destruction

New Republican Logo

Since January of 2009, the Republican Party has not accomplished a single effort for the American people. What they have done is to destroy advances made for the majority over the last 60 years. From this day forward, they must be known as the ‘Party of Destruction.’

Once a party of ideas and principles, the GOP has become a party concerned only with elections; the American people’s needs and wishes have been ignored and forgotten.

We only need to look back to a few days and evaluate Trumpcare’s disastrous failure. The American people loudly informed Republican politicians that they liked their Obamacare; but they refused to listen. In typical Party of Destruction fashion, they hurried in an attempt to “repeal and replace” the ACA. The bill can only be described as a complete failure which would have taken away the healthcare of more than 24 million Americans, among other items harmful to the majority.

The right thing; the intelligent thing to do would have been to repair Obamacare. The basics were sound, but it definitely needs revisions. But the Party of Destruction lacks the ability to deliberate and compromise to fix what is wrong; it’s easier to simply destroy what works.

The bottom line is that if your income is not in at least the six figure level, the Party of Destruction is not interested in representing you. With Double Dealing Donnie in the White House, the situation has become far worse; only millionaires and billionaires receive attention for the worst administration in history.

Today Trump took a major step to destroy our nation’s air, water, and soil. In an effort to increase corporate profits, Trump removed many of the regulations approved by President Obama. He is a dirty old man who has no concern for you and your family’s future.

From this day forward, the GOP will be known as the Party of Destruction. Not a single right wing politician can honestly claim the title of ‘Republican.’ I am 70 years of age, and remember Republicans I admired, or at least respected; I cannot say that about today’s RINO group.


By James Turnage

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