Keep the Revolution Going: We Cannot Accept an Immoral and Unfit President


The American people are under attack. Politicians and the media are misdirecting the American people in an attempt to convince us that Trump is ‘acceptable.’ He is not. A country, a nation, is composed of people. If their governments do not serve them well, they must be ousted. Trump and his circle of sinners are not worthy of their positions. The revolution must continue until the wishes of the majority are satisfied. In just 20 months we can exercise our power and peacefully remove the tyrants in Washington who support their illegitimate and immoral president.

We, the people must refuse to accept Trump’s authority. He has proven in just over 60 days that he does not represent us. Therefore, we cannot, and must not be forced serve him.

All presidents receive criticism. Whether it is just or unjust is of no concern. Everyone has an opinion, and those opinions must be respected; at least until there is definitive proof that they are inaccurate. This is the case with Trump.

Before his election, it was confirmed that he is a white supremacist and a bigot. It was also a fact the he was intellectually and morally unfit to be the President of the United States. Predictions of the disaster a Trump presidency would create were mild compared to the facts today.

Trump is unqualified to lead our nation, but if that was the end of the story, it could be easily rectified. However, his connection with Vladimir Putin is frightening. The fact that billionaire Robert Mercer shares Trump’s same lack of principles, and is controlling the White House is a threat to America. With Steve Bannon in control of the daily operations in the White House, the American people are in great peril. Cabinet members and advisers have no experience and no qualifications to effectively serve the American people. Trump has rewarded his supporters and sought revenge against his enemies. He has yet to act ‘presidential.’

All the while he is charging the American taxpayer for his continued life of luxury and privilege. Tens-of-millions of dollars have been spent in just two months, allowing Trump and his family to maintain their outrageous lifestyles.

Finally, I am positive that Trump is mentally challenged. He suffers from paranoia, a lack of reality, and fits of rage when slightly provoked. He is an egomaniac whose temperament is too explosive to allow him to make competent decisions for the United States of America. He must undergo a psychiatric evaluation.

Trump must be forced out of Washington, and along with him his circle of sinners. We, the people, must do whatever it takes to save our nation and preserve the country of our forefathers. It is our responsibility to follow the example of our founding fathers and protect the Constitution.


By James Turnage


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