Did Republicans Rely on Reince Priebus for a Plan to Pass Trumpcare?


Sean Spicer is a buffoon. Trump is arrogant, ignorant, and immoral. Steve Bannon is a white supremacist who wants to reform America. Rex Tillerson and Betsy DeVos are inept. Reince Priebus is a failure.

Priebus was Chairman of the RNC for ten years. He failed his party completely. Most recently he denounced Trump while attempting to defeat him. Now he is his chief of staff.

When Trump selected him for the second most powerful position in Washington, I failed to understand. Why select a man who failed his party and a man who opposed your legitimacy as a viable Republican standard bearer?

When Steve Bannon was selected as Trump’s chief White House adviser, it made more sense. Bannon would be running the White House; Priebus was the “front man.” So imagine by surprise when I read that Priebus was selected to create the plan intended to secure the passage of Trumpcare.

A report from the New York Times claims that the blame has fallen on Reince Priebus, the White House chief of staff, who coordinated initial legislative strategy on the health care bill with [House Speaker Paul] … Ryan, his close friend and a fellow Wisconsinite.”

Is the Trump administration that ignorant? When Trump selected his closest advisers and his cabinet, I questioned his intellect. As it became more obvious that Robert Mercer and Bannon were actually in control of the White House, I realized that an agenda was in place for our government; it was not Trump’s. He obviously lacked the intellect to form such a plan. Bannon, under the auspices of Mercer, plans to “make America white again.” Mercer is a primary supporter of the extreme right wing blog, Breitbart, and Bannon is it’s former editor. Every action taken by the Trump administration is related to the trash published by Breitbart. Trump’s ‘executive orders’ and Trumpcare would have benefited the wealthy and harmed the working class, low-income wage earners, and the impoverished; many of whom are minorities.

Trump’s cabinet is primarily filled with billionaires, with the occasional failed politician, including Jeff Sessions, Ben Carson, and Rick Perry.

And who did Trump choose for his front man? Sean Spicer, who makes a fool of himself on a daily basis. He lacks Kellyanne Conway and Mike Pence ability to lie with a straight face.

This is our government, until we, the people take our country back. 2018 cannot come soon enough.


By James Turnage


Photo courtesy of DonkeyHotey

Follow me on twitter; @jamesturnagenov


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