Trump Spends more Time Promoting his Properties, than Working for America


66 days in office; 21 days at Trump properties. If anyone needs more proof about who is actually running the White House; this is it. Trump doesn’t have time to be your illegitimate president; he is too busy promoting Trump properties. He is using taxpayer money for reasons related to his personal wealth, and not for government business.

His five ‘play days’ at Mar-a-Lago have already cost taxpayers nearly 20 million dollars. Other trips to Trump hotels, his victory tour, and his “rallies” cost taxpayers more millions of dollars. Melania Trump’s refusal to move into the White House is costing just under $1,000,000 every day. Most of the bill is paid for by New York City, but reimbursement is expected. To this date, that’s over $60,000,000. When Trump’s family took a ski trip to Aspen last week, the cost of protection included 100 members of the secret service at a cost of $12,208 for “lease or rental of equipment, clothing, individual equipment and insignia.” The cost of paying 100 agents, food, and lodging for a week will add a minimum of $1,000,000 per day. All of Trump’s spawn require secret service protection 24 hours a day wherever they go.

Trump is advertising his properties and using your money so that he and his spawn can live lives of luxury. He lied again when he claimed that he has divested himself of his business interests; he committed perjury, and is committing ethics violations every day.

Every day is another business day for Trump while Steve Bannon sits behind the desk in the Oval Office.


By James Turnage


Follow me on twitter; @jamesturnage


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