Trump Never Makes a Mistake: Just Ask him or Mike Pence


Those of us who follow Washington politics closely, have a different opinion for the reasons Trumpcare suffered a crushing defeat. This weekend everyone is blaming everyone else. Paul Ryan did fail, but he, alone, was not the reason the bill never received a vote. The “Freedom Caucus” is the culprit for the most par. Although that may be more accurate, they didn’t write the legislation. The overall truth is that the House simply didn’t like Trumpcare. So who is to blame?

The facts are there if you pay attention. Trump’s first two months in office were such a failure that he was desperate for a win. His goal was not to insure that all Americans had adequate healthcare; it was to keep a campaign promise he never meant.

Trump allowed Paul Ryan and others to write a bill which would cause more harm than good. It failed in nearly every area. They offered the bill after just three months of preparation. To compare Obamacare and Trumpcare is ludicrous. Obamacare took 14 months to prepare, and then received multiple changes to satisfy Republicans; and they were still opposed to the law. Democrats were never consulted about the content of Trumpcare. Obamacare was 2,300 pages long; Trumpcare, 46. This alone proves that Obamacare was written by scholars, and Trumpcare by a first grade student.

The primary reason why it failed so miserably is Donald Trump. He attempted to continue acting like a schoolyard bully. He gave Republicans an ultimatum; pass it in two days, or Obamacare remained in force. Good laws cannot be rushed, and it was obvious to all that Trumpcare was not a good law.

What I noticed was that Trump had little or no interest in repealing and replacing Obamacare. His words made most Americans believe that he was serious, but his lack of any concentrated effort, and his refusal to allow time for many needed revisions, offer proof that it was not important for his agenda. But Trump will never accept the fact that he made a serious mistake. His lack of mental acuity is alarming.

Mike Pence was speaking in West Virginia and claimed that “Congress just wasn’t ready,” and then he lied about Obamacare and praised Trump with another lie.

“West Virginia and President Trump, we all know the truth about this failed law, that every day Obamacare survives is another day that America suffers,” Pence told a crowd gathered at a Charleston construction supply company.

Pence praised the president’s “resolve,” and said Trump worked “tirelessly over the past couple of weeks to get Congress to repeal and replace” the health care law.

All of Trump’s circle of sinners share a single responsibility; they are required to defend Trump’s many mistakes, and his continuous lying.

Trump will work hard to change our tax laws for a single reason; the one-percent will greatly benefit from additional tax breaks. His tax plan has been labeled “a gift to the wealthiest Americans” by tax experts around the nation.

Healthcare was unimportant because its original purpose was to aid low-income and poor Americans; he doesn’t care about us.

Republicans must be voted out of office and we will have our chance in November of 2018.


By James Turnage


Follow me on twitter; @jamesturnagenov



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