Should Kellyanne Conway be Banned from Appearing on Television?


FOX Noise obviously doesn’t care, but if any Television news broadcast wants to be considered credible, would they dare have Kellyanne Conway on their show? ‘Morning Joe’s’ co-hosts announced that she is unwelcome on their daily broadcast.

Joe Scarborough said: “She’s just saying things,” Scarborough said at the time, “just to get in front of the TV set and prove her relevance.”

Mika Brzezinski said: “I feel even more so that everyone should ban her,” Brzezinski explained to Variety. “I’m surprised that these little acrobatic games are played with her on live national television. I think it denigrates what we do. It’s clear she doesn’t bring anything to the table. It’s clear she doesn’t know exactly what she’s talking about. It’s clear she’s making it up as she goes along.”

Let’s talk about the truth. When billionaire Robert Mercer placed Conway on Trump’s staff as his ‘campaign manager,’ the title was misleading. It was obvious to most of us who follow politics closely that without any experience at any level she was totally unqualified. Her true purpose was to be Trump’s personal ‘spin doctor.’ When Trump lied, and that was every time he opened his mouth or sent out a tweet, her job was to tell a bigger lie and make him appear credible. But her avoidance of hard questions, and insistence that Trump was ‘always right,’ became tiresome.

So who was Trump’s campaign manager? The same white supremacist who is now running the White House; Steve Bannon. Although he was labeled Trump’s CEO, it was Bannon who was in control of Trump’s campaign.

Television ‘news’ is mostly entertainment with little substance. They are complicit in gifting the election to Trump. All of the television networks held Hillary to an extremely high standard, while giving Trump and his surrogates a free pass.

Every time Conway was on CBS, CNN, NBC, or any other network than FOX, she refused to answer questions and was allowed to make a campaign speech for Trump.

Taxpayers are now paying Conway’s salary, but she appears to no longer have a purpose in the White House.


By James Turnage


Follow me on twitter; @jamesturnagenov


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