Jared and Ivanka Played as Trumpcare Burned


Acting like the spoiled rich kids they are, Jared and Ivanka were off on a ski trip costing taxpayers millions of dollars, while the first important bill proposed by Double Dealing Donnie was rejected by his own party. Trump’s nepotism was another one of his bad ideas; but was he upset?
A source close to Trump said:
“[Trump] is upset that his son-in-law and senior adviser was not around during this crucial week.”

There was no mention regarding “Princess Ivanka.”

No one should be surprised; neither Jared nor Ivanka have ever worked to accomplish anything of importance. When everything is free, and life is a playground, no one understands the words ‘duty,’ or ‘responsibility.’

Trump, himself, cannot be too upset. It was reported by insiders that he appeared somewhat lackadaisical about the process. His impatience with the necessary steps needed to pass legislation was additional proof that he knows nothing about America’s government. He continues to believe that he is a dictator and his demands become law immediately.

If our nation was not in great danger from a failed Trump administration, this entire situation could be remade into a sitcom; it’s very funny.


By James Turnage


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