Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump are Unwelcome Neighbors


When Trump placed his son-in-law into his circle of sinners, eyebrows were raised, but the media ignored this blatant act of nepotism. Now Ivanka, Jerod’s Kushner’s wife, and Trump’s daughter, has an office in the White House. This is unheard of and the people have a right to demand their removal. Neither has any experience or expertise in government, while costing taxpayers millions unnecessarily.

When they went to “work” in the White House, they decided to take up residence in a luxury area in Northwestern Washington. Neighbors welcomed the couple and their three small children with open arms; but things have changed.

Jerod and Ivanka share Trump’s belief that they can do whatever they want; their lives are more important than others who live in their neighborhood, or anywhere else.

No Parking” signs appeared outsider of the Kushner residence. Then they expanded; appearing in front of their neighbor’s residence. The parking is very limited in the area. The Friedman family complained to the mayor, and the signs were removed from the Friedman’s residence.

President Obama and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson live in the same area. The residents are willing to accept the secret service for both houses, but for the Kushners they have reservations.

Are you kidding me?” asked Marti Robinson, a trial attorney who lives across the street. “This is the adult child of the president. Sometimes there are 10 cars out here.”

When the Kushners moved in, the neighborhood experienced unheard of disruption in their daily lives; they are no longer welcome.

We’re just a little story in a cosmic, bigger story, which is the whole Trump phenomenon and how they push their way around,” said Toby Moffett, a Democrat who represented Connecticut in the House. “You have people coming and going. You have three or four, sometimes five, SUVs that are very big and that aren’t from the neighborhood.”

Friedman has a garage for her own car. But she said parking can be challenging for people who visit.

If you happen to miss that moment before the spaces get filled, you’re dead,” she said. “We were a nice, quiet residential community and we’ve become a neighborhood where people take pictures.”

The American people are paying millions of dollars for extra secret service, and the expenses they incur when the “Von-Trump” family travels for business or pleasure. Add to all of this the fact that it costs millions for Melania to remain in Trump Tower. There must be a stop to this waste of taxpayer money. By the end of the first year of Trump’s illegitimate presidency, Trump will have cost the American people more the $200,000,000 in unnecessary expenses. From Mar-a-Lago, to Trump’s campaign rallies, and extra protection for the most hated family in America, Trump is the most expensive fake-president in history.

This family has a single experience; living a life of luxury and privilege. They are not an average American family, and cannot and will not choose to understand our nation and its people.


By James Turnage


Follow me on twitter; @jamesturnagenov


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