Every Time Sean Spicer Speaks, We Learn more about Who Trump Supports

Spicer (2)

What a real president should have told the American people when Trumpcare failed badly.

I was elected to serve the American people. Their support for Obamacare, and rejection of the American Health Care Act, has been demonstrated by the actions of Congress the last two days. I promise to support their wishes, and I will work with both parties to improve The Affordable Care Act and insure that all of the American people have available to them and their families the best healthcare our nation can provide.”

Trump is not a true American president. His comments were focused on himself and it was all about winning or losing; not the American people who harassed Republican politicians relentlessly in the past several weeks.

Trump predicted that Obamacare will “explode” “soon” and that Democrats will be held accountable for that failure.

Trump will never be my president, and he is proving that he’s not yours.

Sean Spicer is a liar, but less talented than his mentor, Kellyanne Conway. After Trump and Paul Ryan failed miserably, Spicer had these lies to offer the press.

Who’s going to negotiate in good faith? We dealt with over 120 members of Congress and you learn a little about some of these individuals … You just learn a lot about who you can count on and who you can’t,” he said.

“Some people kept saying, ‘I’m trying to get with you,’ and then they’d come back day after day and say, ‘Here’s the next thing I need.’ The reservoir never got dry,” Spicer said.

Spicer never mentioned that fact that Trumpcare was a very, very, very bad bill, and would harm millions of American men, women, and children. But why should he begin telling the truth now?

Spicer also demonstrated both his and Trump’s naivete regarding American politics, and the division within his own party.

Trump will never have the full support of the voting public, because he fails to support us. Before Obamacare, we were the only developed nation in the world not to offer healthcare for all of our nation’s people. Trumpcare would have removed healthcare for more than 24 million Americans, and rendered it unaffordable for older Americans. The amount of deductibles would have risen greatly. It would also have eliminated payments for child birth and funding for Planned Parenthood, Medicare and Medicaid payments would have been reduced.

Unless Trump takes a stand for all Americans; soon; he must be removed from office. Trump is not an ‘American president.’


By James Turnage


Follow me on twitter; @jamesturnagenov


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