Did the Trumpcare Debacle Expose Republican Division?

the Turtle

Republicans are running scared in four different directions. Trump is facing the truth about his involvement with the Russian government; specifically Vladimir Putin. Three different groups in the Republican led congress are fighting for power. They are all frightened for their own future, but no one is concerned about the survival of the GOP.

The truth is that Trump and most Republican Congressmen are “Republican in name only.” They renounce the principles and ideals of past Republicans. Back as far as Abraham Lincoln, and Teddy Roosevelt, Republican leaders worked for the betterment of our nation. They supported individual rights and freedom, and fought for the majority, shunning special interests. In times closer to 2017, real Republican presidents placed the people first. Dwight D. Eisenhower was against the growth of the military industrial complex; today’s “Republicans” plan to make it even larger. Ronald Reagan halted nuclear proliferation by signing a treaty with Mikhail Gorbachev. Trump wants to increase our nuclear arsenal. George H.W. Bush addressed the problems facing the working class. He signed the ‘Americans with Disabilities Act,’ and encouraged Republicans in Congress to pass bills providing after school care and childcare for working mothers. All “Republicans” denounce any program benefiting the working class today.

There is no surprise that the Republican Party is divided; and it may not stand much longer.

A major part of the problem is a lack of intelligent and qualified leadership.

Since 2009 Mitch McConnell has failed the American people. He created the “party of no,” and did nothing with the exception of collecting his paycheck for eight years.

Paul Ryan’s first real challenge came in the last two days. He promised your illegitimate president that he would pass Trumpcare; he failed miserably. He lacks the power and expertise to control his constituents in the House, a la John Boehner. Republicans have no effective leadership.

What will happen? No one can be certain. It is a distinct possibility that the GOP could splinter and two or three separate parties could emerge.

We know that the Koch brothers own and support the TEA Party. The NRA and the Christian religious right support moderates. No one is certain who supports the extremist in the ‘Freedom Caucus.’ Donald Trump is supported by white supremacist Robert Mercer.

Our government is broken and the demise of the Republican Party is a major contributor. How can they work across the aisle if they can’t work with each other?


By James Turnage


Photo courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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