A Win for the People: Keep the Movement Going

Democracy Spring

Today state governors are celebrating; doctors and nurses are celebrating; insurance companies are celebrating; President Obama is celebrating; most importantly the people are celebrating. Trumpcare is dead.

Trump and his hypocritical Republican cronies are ‘licking their wounds.’ They learned a big lesson yesterday; this is a democracy, and the nation belongs to the people. Thousands of people defeated special interests. Men and women across the nation became activists at town halls, the offices of Republican politicians, and in the streets. Repealing Obamacare would have cost lives and caused needless suffering for tens and possibly hundreds of thousands of Americans. Republicans may have the numbers in Washington, but we are 320 million strong, and this is our America. Today, I am proud to be an American.

Now for the next step; Obamacare needs revamping. It is not perfect, and everyone is aware of that. Will Republicans work across the aisle and address the needs of the American people?

Trump told reporters that ‘he would just wait until Obamacare implodes.’ Is that what a president who must represent the all of the American people should say or do? He just offered the ultimate proof that he, putting it bluntly, ‘doesn’t give a damn about the people of our nation.’ He only cares about “winning,” and he hasn’t won a single battle since January 20.

We know that Trump has neither the experience or the intellect to solve problems; he is ‘President Destroyer.’ The problem lies with his extremely poor choices for his closest advisers and his cabinet. Not one of them is qualified for the position which they were given, and therefore cannot offer clear and effective advice. Tom Price, the Secretary of Health and Human Services, was one of the biggest naysayers regarding Obamacare. He approved the vote to repeal the ACA 65 times, without offering a plan to replace it. He is totally unqualified to serve the people in areas of healthcare and protecting us from spreading disease, and, god forbid, a pandemic.

Trump said “who knew healthcare was so complicated?” The answer is ‘every member of the Democratic Party.’

Trump entered the race for the presidency as if he was playing a game. He continues to fail to take his job seriously. President Obama was falsely accused by Mitch McConnell of refusing to work with Republicans. There is proof that just the opposite occurred. However, Trump completely ignores the fact that the Democratic Party exists. Without any understanding of how our system of government functions, he is unable to govern.

If you voted for him, you must take a long and serious look at your ability to make good decisions. Do you base them on emotions? Do you believe, like Trump, that America is an angry and despondent nation? The mirror is right over there.

November 2018 is coming quickly. Exercise your right to vote, and encourage others to do the same.


By James Turnage


Follow me on twitter; @jamesturnagenov


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