Will Trump’s Bullying Force Trumpcare’s Passage?

Ryan (2)

If Republican members of the House listen to their constituents, Trumpcare will fail today. That’s a big ‘if’ because for Republicans, party comes first. Associated with that fact, is Trump’s tactic of bullying others to support his proposals.

Trump is the classic example of the spoiled rich kid who becomes the schoolyard bully.

Trump gathered House Republicans and threatened them with losing White House support in their election campaigns if they failed to vote in favor of the GOP failed healthcare bill known as Trumpcare.

The vote was scheduled for Thursday evening, but Speaker Paul Ryan canceled the vote when he became aware that the bill would fail. The vote is once again scheduled for Friday afternoon.

No one can predict the outcome. Will there be a sufficient number of Republican voters who capitulate to Trump? Will someone in the Republican Party display the courage to support the American people?

In the latest compilation of all available polls, 48 percent of Americans favor Obamacare; 43.8 do not. Some polls display an approval rating of nearly 60 percent.

The final question is; will House Republicans stand for the American people, or support their illegitimate president? Will it be us against them?


By James Turnage


Photo courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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