The Oldest, Whitest White House in Modern History

white house

Women were not invited to speak their concerns about Trumpcare; no surprise there. The Republican’s war on women will escalate if it is passed. The photo taken in the attached article was composed of white, old men who will be making decisions for a country whose diversity is growing, and younger Americans outnumber older citizens. “Something’s wrong with this picture.”

A large number of the men are members of the “Freedom Caucus.” This is a misleading name for a group of white, bigoted, right wing extremists who do not have or want the ability to negotiate. It’s always ‘their way,’ or “NO WAY!”

Let’s face the facts. The majority of the American people favor Obamacare, but would like to see improvements. Although no one has seen the entirety of Trumpcare, what we know so far is that it is totally unacceptable, with only a 17 percent favorability rating.

Regardless of what happens today, when the House is scheduled to vote, Trump and the Republican Party will lose. Their approval rating will surely hit bottom. In addition, the gap between the three factions of the party will widen. No one likes Trumpcare, but it is obvious that their true goal is to remove President Obama’s most memorable achievement, and assist Trump in keeping his only campaign promise to date.

One final thought. Trump’s words and actions indicate that he has no real interest about healthcare. He appears unconcerned if Trumpcare fails, and Obamacare remains the law. He will simply blame Congress for another failure by his party.

Trump cares about one thing, normally; winning. He hasn’t won anything in over two months, and it may not happen today.


By James Turnage


Photo courtesy of Matt Wade

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