Kellyanne Conway Investigated for Serious Ethics Violation


Donald Trump’s personal ‘spin doctor,’ Kellyanne Conway, is one of the most unprofessional and fallacious persons in America. Her lies were designed to continually make Trump appear believable, and sincere. When she committed an obvious ethics violation on FOX Noise, there were justified calls for censure by the Trump administration. Nothing happened.

Her unethical ‘advertisements’ for Ivanka Trump’s clothing line were a conflict of interests. This was serious; and ignored. However, she may be in violation of a much more egregious and criminal violation.

Since 1995 Conway has owned her own firm known as ‘The Polling Company.’ She has followed her boss’s example and remains in control of the company. If she is privy to the White House’s day to day business, she must, by law, divest herself of that company. Her client’s include Boeing and the National Rifle Association. She has unfair access to her clients.

The president is forbidden from engaging in foreign business interests while in office, although Trump continues to run his business interests. There is no proof that he has divested himself from international for-profit ventures.

Conway’s business is covered by another law. She is not allowed to engage in any domestic business interests while in office. If she fails to abide by the law, she faces up to five years in a federal prison, and a $50,000 fine for each violation.

We won’t miss her.

Immediately after the election I began calling Trump’s associates his ‘circle of sinners;’ I believe that it remains apropos. I have not witnessed an honest member of Trump’s cabinet, or on his advisory staff. When he added his daughter and son-in-law to his staff, this became a case of blatant nepotism.

We must remove your “Criminal in Chief” from office. Two months were more than we can stand as a nation of morality and laws.

Vote in 2018.


By James Turnage


Follow me on twitter; @jamesturnagenov


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