When Will Trump Do Something; Anything?


Of course we knew that it was a lie when Trump stated to his supporters that he had accomplished more in his first two months than any other president. The facts prove that he has done absolutely nothing with the exception of destroy some of the advances made for the majority in 80 years.

Under scrutiny at the moment is Trumpcare; Republican’s plan to replace Obamacare. This is a disaster which will raise premiums, reduce care, and increase deductibles. Members of both parties are denouncing Trumpcare.

Here are a few other situations where Trump is taking credit for the efforts of others.

When President Obama halted the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline, the Canadian company affected filed a lawsuit. Trump once again lied to his supporters; claiming that they dropped the lawsuit after he became your illegitimate president. Untrue; it has merely been suspended for several weeks.

Trump boasted: “The border is in the best shape it’s been in in decades. Down 61 percent since the inauguration.”

Once again Trump was creating his own statistics to make him appear competent. The statistics reveal a 44 percent decrease, which is normal. Arrests and deportations vary month to month, based on the weather and other factors.

As far as the border being in better shape, that’s true, but it began under the Obama Administration when illegal crossings dropped to a ’40-year-low.

Trump seeks an increase in the Pentagon’s already bloated budget. “You know, our Navy is at World War I levels. Can you believe that? World War I levels.”

Either he has no knowledge regarding modern warfare, or he is simply making up “alternative facts” to justify his proposals. The number of naval vessels has dropped from 774 at the end of WW1 to 274 today. The explanation is obvious. Modern warfare is primarily fought in the skies above. An increase in military aircraft has resulted in a decrease in ship building. However, the Navy may be allowed to waste taxpayer dollars and build unnecessary vessels if Trump’s budget for military expenditures is increased.

These are just some of Trump’s false claims that he is “fixing everything,” when the facts show that he has not accomplished a single positive action for our nation.

As the Wall Street Journal reported, the American people have a right to call Trump a ‘fake president.’


By James Turnage


Follow me on twitter; @jamesturnagenov


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