Trump Will Never Age in Office Because He is not a Legitimate President


After eight years of fighting the ‘party of no,’ President Obama appeared to have aged between 10 and 20 years. This is what happens to every president who works 12 to 14 hour days serving his country. This will never happen to Donald Trump.

Trump may be forced to use more tape to secure his ‘rug’ after months in office, but he will never be accused of ‘over work.’ He is already a disgrace to the title of ‘President of the United States.’

Trump is partying while our nation is suffering and in danger of additional foreign intervention and attack. He watches television between Monday and Friday, parties at Mar-a-Lago, and soothes his fragile ego by holding rallies on the weekend.

So, who’s running the country? If you read me regularly, you already know the answer; billionaire Robert Mercer, and white supremacist Steve Bannon, with guidance from Vladimir Putin.

While the Republican led Senate is holding a fake investigation into Trump’s relationship with Vladimir Putin, several of his close associates are under suspicion for illegal contact with Russia during the campaign. There is also a relationship between Mercer and Russia.

During the final months of the campaign, financed primarily by Mercer, the yacht of a Russian oligarch was seen docked next to Mercer’s own yacht.

Mercer’s relationship with Bannon is tawdry at best. Mercer is one of Breitbart’s primary supporters. Before joining Ted Cruz’ campaign, Bannon headed Breitbart. When Cruz withdrew from his campaign, Mercer moved Kellyanne Conway and Bannon into Trump’s campaign. Trump’s first appointment after the Electoral College gifted him the presidency was to select Bannon as his White House chief adviser. As we now know, this placed Bannon in control of the day to day proceedings occurring in the Oval Office.

Trump has never worked a day in his life of privilege and luxury; this is all he knows. To compensate for his limited intellect, he bullied and bribed others to achieve his business goals; and he failed. Trump refuses to reveal his tax returns for multiple reasons. One is the fact that he is in debt for billions of dollars. How he continues to live in the only style he has become accustomed to is unclear.

As your illegitimate president, he continues to live in luxury, but he is now using taxpayer dollars to accomplish his goals. He told his supporters during the campaign that he “loves using other people’s money.” He is doing just that. Taxpayers are paying for his unnecessary weekend trips to Mar-a-Lago, his victory tour, his “rallies,” and his family’s trips for business and pleasure. Trump has already spent more taxpayer dollars in two months than President Obama spent in a year.

Trump may be forced to buy a new hairpiece to make it appear that he is aging, but it won’t be because he was overworked in office.


By James Turnage

Follow me on twitter; @jamesturnagenov


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