Trump Spends the Money He’s Saving on the Budget for his Life of Luxury and Privilege

Donald the Fascist

Trump is spending more taxpayer money than any other president in history for his personal comfort by a very large margin. He is the biggest spender in history, and proves that he is not only a non-conservative, but a man who believes in his right to do anything. We listened to the ‘Access Hollywood’ tapes and know that he believes that he has the right to sexually assault women, and now we know that he believes he has the right to rape the American people.

Trump may or may not be as wealthy as he claims, but we know that he has stolen from his own charity, and has contributed zero dollars of his own to the needy in his entire disreputable lifetime. He is a well-known ‘tightwad;’ a man who will spend everyone’s dollars before he reaches for his own wallet.

Every bill taxpayers receive from Trump and his strange and spoiled family is unnecessary.

Trump just spent his 5th weekend at his private resort for the wealthy called Mar-a-Lago, in Florida. Each trip, not based on national need, costs taxpayers in excess of three million dollars. Each of Trump’s 2020 campaign rallies is estimated to cost the American people more than two million dollars.

Melania and her son remain in Trump tower; the estimated cost to taxpayers ranges from $200,000 to $1,000,000 per day.

The cost of protecting Trump’s family’s lives of luxury has not been calculated, but imagine the cost of 100 secret service agents in Aspen to protect the vacationing ‘Von-Trumps.’

When President Obama was in office, the total of his personal trips was estimated at $97 million. That’s $12.1 million a year, a figure Trump has nearly doubled in only two months in office.

Nice life for a man who has never sacrificed a single thing for his country or its people. This is the man who promised that the American people would take precedence during his inauguration speech. Is this what he appears to be doing today?

Corruption comes in many ways. Lying and deceiving the American people for your own personal gain is at the top of the least.

Trump must be impeached; but that’s not enough. All Republicans must be removed from office in November of 2018. Get out the vote, and take your country back.


By James Turnage


Follow me on twitter; @jamesturnagenov


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