Reasons Why Vladimir Putin Needed a Trump Presidency


Regardless of what Republican hypocrites discover during the investigation regarding the relationship between Trump and Putin, the facts have been available for months. Every day we learn about additional and deeper close associations between Russia and Trump’s circle of sinners. Roger Stone, Carter Page, Paul Manafort, Michael Flynn, Jeff Sessions, Rex Tillerson, Trump, and his handler Robert Mercer all have been connected to Russia and Vladimir Putin. There are likely to be many more in the future.

Why was a Trump presidency important to Putin? What difference can one man make? The answer is none, without the assistance of others in his administration, and Trump’s circle of sinners contains many.

Some believe that the events which occurred after Putin’s election in 2011 were the primary reason. His election was highly contested, and then Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, joined his Russian detractors. Putin harbors a deep hatred and fear for Hillary. But that was merely a bonus for Putin.

Putin was a strong man in the KGB under the former existence of the Soviet Union. Gradually he consolidated power and is now a virtual dictator or ‘premier.’ His ultimate goal is for Russia to become the most powerful nation in the world, and this will be achieved when he recreates the Soviet Union. So, where does this involve Trump? Easy answer.

President Obama placed sanctions on Russia in an effort to prevent Putin’s planned invasion of the Ukraine. Trump will remove these sanctions, and Putin will begin assimilating former Soviet Union nations.

Few Americans are aware of several facts related to Putin. Bill Gates is generally known as the ‘richest man in the world,’ with a net worth of $84 billion. Although some estimates place Putin’s net worth at $70 billion, others believe that it could be near $200 billion. Putin and 110 Russian oligarchs control 35 percent of the wealth in Russia. Money is power, and Putin has become an autocrat. Putin’s dissenters often mysteriously die from accidents or un-diagnosed illnesses, or are openly murdered.

With Trump as an asset, Putin’s power and wealth will grow to a level unheard of since the Emperors of the Roman Empire. The New World Order will become a reality, with Putin in control.

The foreign press has proof that Trump assisted Russian oligarchs in their efforts to launder money through the purchase of American real estate.

The American people not only have an illegitimate president, they have a man living in the White House who is a foreign agent.

Fire the Fool,” but don’t wait until April 1st.


By James Turnage


Photo courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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