Trump Hates Tradition and Lacks Civility


In a display of class, and respect for the office, no sitting president has ever criticized his predecessor until now. It is no surprise that Trump has no class, but a real president would respect the office. Although this is untrue about Trump, the job of President of the United States is the most difficult position in the world; Trump has Mercer and Bannon to do it for him while he watches television.

We must first look at Trump’s ‘birther claim,’ which lasted for years. He reluctantly admitted that our real President was indeed born on American soil. But he has never issued an apology, which is also to be expected; he is never wrong!

Secondly, this recent claim regarding Mr. Obama’s ‘wiretapping’ Trump Tower was ludicrous. Trump has made multiple efforts to misdirect the American people, but this one is pitiful.

He knows that the results of the investigation regarding his relationship to Vladimir Putin will be his downfall; if it is conducted honestly. The foreign press has already proven the demeaning and criminal facts. No one believed his attempt to make the issue about his claim that his phones were tapped.

It is highly unlikely that Trump will apologize for his lie. He continues to cling to his lies that three to five million illegals voted in November, and that his inauguration crowd was “huge.”

No one can trust Donald Trump. It is extremely rare when he tells the truth. Every action he has attempted in just over two months in office is a failure. Although he told his supporters that they would ‘get tired of winning,’ he has lost every effort to keep his campaign promises.

Trumpcare may pass, but this will be one of his biggest lies. Not everyone will be able to afford his failed plan, and 24 million will not have healthcare within the next 10 years. Obamacare will be repealed, but he and his Republican cronies will be responsible for the deaths of thousands of Americans who were protected under the Affordable Care Act.

Trump is a failure and must be evicted from the White House.


By James Turnage


Photo courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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