Laid Off From My Last ‘Real Job’ in 2008, I Finally Had an Opportunity to Follow my Passion


I worked at multiple jobs from the time I was 16-years-old, until I was nearly 62, when I was laid off as the great recession began. I worked long hours, and extra days for my employers, and worked even harder when I had my own business for nearly 10 years. Like many other American workers, I had little time to explore my true passions in life.

When I was laid off, I sought other employment, but failed to find a job. I’m certain my age had a lot to do with this fact; anti-discrimination laws are mostly no more than a facade. I found it in early 2009. I was hired by the United States Census Bureau. I trained in March as a “Crew Leader,” and ended my work for them in October of 2010 as the “Assistant Manager of Field Operations.” And that was that.

I began writing. I wrote a prologue for a possible attempt at writing a novel based on my employment in the Northern Nevada casinos. After it was published, I was employed by an online newspaper, and eventually became the editor.

My love remains writing novels.

My first was titled, “A Little Murder in the Biggest Little City.” It is a story about casino employees, but also contains insight into the darker side of the world of gambling, and a view of the Reno-Tahoe area. The ‘anti-hero’ is a young man bent on revenge upon those he believes caused him unfair and undeserved harm.

I didn’t know it then, but my next two novels completed a sort of trilogy involving Reno Police Department Detectives. The second, titled, “The Holiday Killer,” told the story of a “high roller” whose real purpose was to kill young and beautiful prostitutes.

The third, titled, “A Brother’s Revenge,” is about a man whose homophobia ran so deep, it compelled him to kill young, gay men. His younger brother was a closet homosexual for years. When he contracted the HIV virus, the ‘anti-hero’ went on a rampage of killing as many men as possible in an attempt to find the one man who had infected his brother.

I enjoyed writing all three, but after three books describing the ‘adventures’ of serial killers, I needed a reprieve.

The answer came in the form of a young woman. I had what I believed to be a great idea, but it would have to be written from the point of view of the opposite sex; could I do it?

As I began to write about a 10-year-old girl who ran away from her home in Oregon to the beaches of Los Angeles, my character began to write her own story. As a homeless person, by choice, the adventures and maturation of “Sheena, Queen of the Streets” became my personal favorite, and ‘Sheena’ my favorite character.

My fifth novel was easy; almost. The climate in our nation compelled me to write about politics. The hero is a recent college graduate who becomes an assistant to a member of the House. As he learns the underworld which is Washington, he supports the man who hired him all the way to a ‘run for the White House.’ “Four More Years” is a tale of political manipulations and ‘deals’ made on the edge of ethical behavior, but most importantly one man’s spiritual growth.

I am working on my sixth, but have been so busy writing my two blogs; The Truth with no Restriction, and Ask Reverend Jim, that it is coming along very slowly.

I quickly discovered that writing is life. Everyday I am compelled to write; some days more than others. I have written songs, and painted, but I am most passionate about writing.

After my first novel, I decided to publish the remainder on Amazon’s Kindle. It is a free app, and this way I could make them affordable to anyone who enjoys a good story.

I will bore you no longer, and return to looking at the events of the day.

Thank You


James Turnage


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