Bully-in-Chief Donald Trump Threatens Republicans Over Obamacare


I don’t know who in the hell Trump thinks he is, but he must be taught a lesson. He is a servant of the American people; he is not an emperor or a fuhrer: yet. I have a concern that he will soon be hailed by Republicans shouting ‘Heil Trump.’ They are hypocrites and cowards who value their lives of privilege and luxury more than the American people.

Trumpcare will replace Obamacare. The people are not happy with Republican’s failed plan, but they are being ignored. Trump held a meeting with his party of anti-Americans, and threatened them with their futures if they failed to pass his horrific healthcare bill and help him keep one of his promises.

The truth is that he will be labeled as a liar; the contents of Trumpcare are far from his idealistic plan described during his campaign.

Continuing to ignore the needs and wishes of the American people, while living in a fantasy world, one GOP hypocrite had this to say.

The president was very direct. We get this done, and tax reform, he believes we pick up 10 seats in the Senate, and we add to our majority in the House,” said Rep. Chris Collins (R-N.Y.), another longtime Trump backer. “And if we don’t get it done, we lose the House, and we lose the Senate.”

The goal of all patriots must be to remove control from the House and Senate in 2018. They must be voted out of office. Time to take America back, and your vote is your only weapon.


By James Turnage


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