The ‘Deep State’ Dreams and Ambitions of Steve Bannon


If you remain doubtful about who is running the White House, please read my former article, “Proof That Robert Mercer and Steve Bannon are Running the White House.” The connection is undeniable, and Trump’s unstable temperament proves that he is not in control of anything, including himself.

Robert Mercer placed Bannon on Trump’s campaign staff with a singular purpose in mind. Immediately after Trump’s illegitimate victory in November, he selected Bannon as his ‘chief adviser;’ certainly under the direction of Mercer. It is Bannon who runs the day to day operations of Trump’s administration.

Mercer is a primary supporter of Breitbart, the extreme right wing online publication. Prior to entering the 2016 campaign season, Bannon was the man in control of Brietbart’s content. Its articles are filled with support of white supremacy, Islamophobia, homophobia, sexism, and anti-Semitism.

Bannon’s goal is to create a ‘deep state.’ A deep state is a form of fascism where all “truth” comes from the government; free speech is suppressed; security agencies continually spy on the nation’s citizens; and unquestioned loyalty is demanded from its leaders. Although voting will continue, the results will be manipulated by the government. This is Bannon’s dream.

The American people must be extremely vigilant. Trump has a single tactic to misdirect the attention of the people from the criminal and unconstitutional actions committed by his administration; create diversions.

Trump’s first major effort was attempting to convince the American people that more than three million illegal votes were cast in the election. There are no coincidences; Hillary crushed Trump in the popular vote by three million.

Recently he offered another fallacious claim that President Obama, the most ethical President in modern history, had ‘wiretapped’ the phones in Trump Tower. Every governmental agency, and politicians from both parties offered evidence that no such situation occurred. Why would he make a claim he knew was false? Easy answer; he was attempting to remove public attention from the facts already proven by the foreign press; Trump colluded with Vladimir Putin to win the election.

Just over 60 days as your illegitimate president, and the Trump administration has already proven itself to be the most corrupt in history. Trump tells lies so frequently that reporters assume everything he says has little if any truth. His approval rating is at 37 percent; once again the lowest in American history.

America; my America; cannot survive a Trump administration under the control of such a deplorable man as Steve Bannon.

You have the power to remove Trump’s domination over our government. In 2018 we can remove Republicans from office, and return control to Democrats. If the control of both houses is removed from GOP, hypocritical politicians, Trump’s administration will be powerless.

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By James Turnage


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