Trump Presidency Will Waste More Money than any Administration in History: And Paul Ryan is Complicit

Ryan (2)

Another broken promise by Donald Trump: “I will clean up the swamp in Washington.” Instead, he has created an even bigger cesspool. Trump has already wasted at least 30 million dollars of taxpayer money. Add together the cost of his “victory tour,’ his weekly trips to Mar-a-Lago, his campaign rallies, the cost of secret service protection for Melania in New York, and his family on business and pleasure trips, and I am likely underestimating the actual cost by at least 10 million dollars. If he is allowed by Republican hypocrites to build his wall, we can add another trillion dollars to his wasteful spending.

Today, Speaker of the House and his party’s greatest hypocrite, Paul Ryan, was smiling, appearing almost giddy, as he announced another wasteful and destructive idea from GOP politicians. They have not offered a positive program which would assist the American people in 20 years.

Republicans are resurrecting a requirement for all men and women who receive unemployment benefits to take drug tests. They will additionally require those who receive Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, or TANF, to undergo testing.

Here are the facts.

Investigating states who have established such rules revealed that this process cost the states millions of dollars combined, but only a few hundred individuals failed the tests. More wasted time and money by Republicans, and additional embarrassment for our most needy Americans. Once again, Republicans are demonstrating their war on the poor and low-income Americans.

With every action by GOP politicians they are proving themselves lacking in basic intelligence. In addition, they have no compassion, and their support for special interests is even more pronounced.

Trump’s proposed ‘budget cuts’ are a disaster for the poor, and a gift to the wealthy. Trump is obviously making these cuts to support his and his family’s life of luxury and privilege. They are cheerfully spending taxpayer money, while all domestic issues which would assist the majority are being ignored.

A question for Democrats: “Why are those on the left not screaming about how much money trump has wasted in just two months?” At his present rate, he will waste nearly one-half million dollars in his first year, and all of it will be spent on himself and his family.

What did millions of ignorant and uninformed voters elect? He is not acting presidential, and has already proven that he has no interest in America and our people.

Give power back to Democrats, and remove all of Trump’s unconstitutional decrees and proposals. Vote in November of 2018; the future of your family and our nation is in your hands.


By James Turnage


Photo courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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