Trump Administration Costing Taxpayers More Than Any Other in History


Every time Trump travels to Mar-a-Lago taxpayers are given a bill of over three million dollars. When Trump holds a ‘campaign rally’ taxpayers absorb the unreleased cost. When the ‘Von-Trump’ family travels for business or pleasure, taxpayers pay for secret service costs. Every day that Melania remains in Trump Tower, taxpayers are forced to pay for two residences by the Trumps. Why is Trump allowed to live a life of privilege and luxury at the expense of the American people?

You will not see this question on television ‘news.’

Trump is playing a game; he is far from presidential. We know that he spends very little time behind his desk in the oval office; he is acting like a ‘king,’ not a president.

As I write this, his children are in Aspen, Colorado, on a ski vacation. I hope that they are paying for their own expenses, but the secret service agents assigned to them are compensated by taxpayer dollars. Hotels and food in Aspen are extremely costly. How much does it cost for the estimated 100 secret service agents needed to protect the Von-Trump family?

This seriously needs to be investigated. Trump is reducing funding for many necessary programs, including Meals on Wheels and after school programs in our nation’s poorest communities, while he is charging you and me for his life of extravagance.

Demand answers; this is your country and Trump is a temporary employee who is raping our nation.

Please re-post and inform the American people.


By James Turnage


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