Trump’s “Facts” Come From Fake News


When Donald Trump claimed that Great Britain conspired with President Barrack Obama to wiretap Trump Tower, everyone knew that it was ‘rubbish’ as stated by a member of Parliament. It has become a fact that if Trump’s lips are moving, or his tiny thumbs are tweeting, he’s lying. America’s illegitimate president is the most ignorant man to ever darken the steps of the White House. Trump makes George W. Bush look like the president of Mensa.

Trump refuses to seek the truth from his national security advisers; instead he phones Vladimir Putin. He even refuses to read the ‘President’s Daily Briefing.’ What he chooses to do is to watch FOX Noise or listen to InfoWars, broadcast by Alex Jones. Neither have a single iota of truth in their stories, but Trump is a believer.

Trump’s many lies over the first two months of his illegitimate presidency have forced repercussions. All of his ridiculous wiretapping claims have been discounted by both the security services and both political parties.

When Trump’s first effort to ban Muslims from seven nations from entering the United States was thwarted, Steve Bannon and his cronies wrote another version, claiming that it was not intended to prevent any members of a single religion from entry. A federal judge in Hawaii wasn’t going for it. He refused to ignore Trump’s previous comments, and denied Trump’s ban once again.

Trump promised a “terrific” healthcare plan to replace Obamacare. Trumpcare is a complete failure. As many as 24 million Americans will be uninsured within the next 10 years. Older Americans will be unable to afford Trumpcare from day one. For example; a 64-year-old individual making $26,500 per year will see his or her yearly premium rise by $13,000.

Trump promised his “basket of deplorables” that he would build a wall between Mexico and the United States and that Mexico would pay for it. Mexico won’t pay for it, and Trump is now claiming that illegal immigrant arrests and deportations are at an all-time low; hinting that the wall is unnecessary. Or maybe he is realizing that many Republicans will refuse to vote for its construction at a projected cost of one-trillion dollars or more.

Then there are his budget cuts. While Trump spends tens-of-millions of taxpayer dollars on his weekend travels to Mar-a-Lago or on “campaign rallies,” he is cutting or eliminating vital plans for low-income and impoverished Americans. At the same time, he wants to reward his cronies who are invested in the military industrial complex with an increased budget for the Pentagon to waste even more taxpayer dollars, and grant the wealthiest Americans additional tax cuts.

Those of you who have basic intelligence and voted for the worst president in history must be ashamed. He lied to you, and most of America knew it. A man with no morals, with no experience, with no qualifications cannot be allowed to destroy my America.

Join us in the revolution. We must have a historically large voter turnout in the 2018 midterm election. With all 435 members of the House up for reelection, and one-third of the Senate, we can take all power away from Trump. Just ‘say no’ to hypocritical Republicans.

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By James Turnage


Photo courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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