The Falsehoods About Trump’s Proposed Budget Cuts


Before I get into details, one fact must be stated, and it is undeniable; Trump’s proposed budget will greatly harm low-income and impoverished Americans, and aid the wealthy.

Mike Mulvaney is another unqualified selection by Trump; he is his ‘budget director.’ He attempted to justify many of the cuts; claiming that they were ‘ineffective.’

Let’s begin with the program which funds “Meals on Wheels.” He claims that it doesn’t work, but the facts prove that he is either blatantly lying or offering another “alternative fact.”

Meals on Wheels provides food for the elderly, disabled, and veterans who are unable to leave their homes. Last year 2.5 meals were delivered; 500,000 of these were provided for veterans. Facts prove that additional benefits occur, such as reducing loneliness, and even the possibility of life-threatening falls.

Mulvaney claims that after school programs fail to affect performance. Not only is that a falsehood, he is ignoring other benefits.

These programs primarily exist in extremely low-income, high crime areas. They provide a safe place, snacks and meals, and assist the children with their educational needs. One program in Chicago has resulted in a 50 percent decrease in violent crime arrests involving juveniles, and a 19 percent increase in the graduation rate.

Let’s be clear; the majority of Trump’s cuts will cause great harm to low-income and impoverished Americans. Why is he doing this to millions of our nation’s most needy? The answer is simple; he wants to increase the military budget and enhance the profits of those invested in the military industrial complex, and give tax breaks to himself and his circle of sinners, who are all millionaires and billionaires.

Trump continues to operate his business empire, both domestically and foreign, while acting as your president. He has no interest in the welfare of the American people or the future of our nation. He has no clue what he is doing, other than increasing his personal wealth and those of his circle of sinners.

Vladimir Putin is the wealthiest man in the world, and is assisting Trump with his goals in exchange for removing sanctions and supporting the ‘soon-to-be’ new and improved Soviet Union.

If you support Trump, you hate America, and renounce the principles of our founding fathers.

Vote in 2018, and please re-post this article. The truth must be spread to everyone who loves freedom and their nation.


By James Turnage


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