Is Trump Finally Admitting that We don’t Need a Wall?


Two things everyone knows about Trump; If his lips are moving, he’s lying, and his promises were only a tactic for winning an election.

Trump made a fool of his supporters. “Double Dealing Donnie” may not be the ‘sharpest tool in the shed,’ but even he knew that when he signed an executive order to ban Muslims from entering the United States, the courts would strike it down as unconstitutional. It was all a show for those who remain loyal to their illegitimate president. Now it appears that his biggest promise will never materialize.

Trump appears to be admitting that we don’t need a wall. The truth has been there all along, that illegal immigration was declining, but it took until now for Trump to accept the facts.

President Donald Trump says the border with Mexico is already “getting extremely strong” and would-be illegal crossers are giving up because they think, “we can’t get in.”

As Trump always does, he is attempting to take credit for something he did not achieve.

“And by the way, aren’t our borders getting extremely strong? … We’ve already experienced an unprecedented 40 percent reduction in illegal immigration on our southern border, 61 percent — 61 percent since Inauguration Day. Sixty-one percent; think about it. And now people are saying we’re not going to go there anymore ’cause we can’t get in, so it’s going to get better and better.”

Border Patrol statistics prove that arrests and deportations fluctuate with the seasons, and Trump’s claims are mostly another false claim. But it does appear that he is paving the way for reneging on his campaign promise.

Realistically, how could he encourage building a wall which many experts believe would cost taxpayers more than one-trillion dollars, when he is planning to cut funding for multiple agencies and programs; most of which are desperately needed for America to function?

So, to Trump supporters I say: “you are responsible for America’s shame.” The most immoral and unqualified man in history is infesting the White House. You are guilty for all the evils Trump will attempt while he remains in office.

Please re-post. This is where the American people can find the truth.


By James Turnage


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