Former U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara Fired While Investigating Trump’s Secretary of Health and Human Services


Preet Bharara was told by Sessions and Trump that he would not lose his position as a U.S. Attorney. They lied. Why did they fire one of the most respected men in his field? The answer is simple; another cover-up by the Trump administration.

Mr. Bharara was apparently investigating illegal stock manipulations by Trump’s Secretary of Health and Human Services. Tom Price was previously a member of the House of Representatives. On several occasions, it is alleged that Price purchased stock in the healthcare industry, and then introduced legislation which would make the price of his stock rise dramatically. This illegal action is perfectly acceptable to your illegitimate president.

The accusation is that Price violated the ‘STOCK Act’ of 2012, which forbids members of Congress from using non-public information to profit from the purchase of stocks.

The fact that he was under investigation was well-known by the Senate when it held confirmation hearings for Price. However, the hypocritical Republican controlled Senate approved his nomination. The entire GOP is a corrupt group of men and women who approve of immorality and criminal actions by their own.

It should be of no surprise that Trump ordered the firing of Bharara. It only took two months for the Trump administration to become the most corrupt in history; and it’s only getting worse.

The one thing the media refuses to discuss, and angers me most, is the fact that Trump is using taxpayer money to pay for his trips to Mar-a-Lago, and his “campaign rallies.” Why is Congress allowing this to happen? Trump is cutting funding for vital programs which affect low-income and impoverished Americans, but he continues to live a life of privilege and luxury. This is the most immoral action by any president in history.

Trump and his Republican cronies must go.

In November of 2018, vote, and vote for someone who will represent you.

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By James Turnage


Photo courtesy of Financial Times

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