Already the most Scandalous Administration in History

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Today we are nearly two months into Trump’s illegitimate presidency. Many firsts have been ‘accomplished’ in a short period of time. Trump will be known as the most destructive president in history. He is attempting to repeal positive accomplishments by past administrations as far back as Richard Nixon’s. Trump has fallaciously attacked his predecessor, who will be remembered as the most ethical president in modern history. He has selected as his closest advisers the most controversial men, and one woman in America. Trump is committing ethical violations today as he continues to operate his business interests in foreign nations as the illegitimate President of the Untied States. He has committed numerous Constitutional violations, primarily his attacks on the first amendment. Numerous scandals have already plagued his administration, and there are larger ones yet to come.

Currently the most disturbing investigation concerns 24 day national security adviser Michael Flynn. He violated federal law by taking money from a foreign nation while involved in a political campaign, and as a retired military officer. He maintained contact with Russia while working for Trump’s campaign. Most upsetting is the fact that Trump, Pence, and others were fully aware of his criminal actions and chose to ignore them.

Jeff Sessions’ violations have yet to be investigated. He maintained contact with a Russian agent during the campaign.

Rex Tillerson remains under scrutiny. He appears to be destroying the State Department, satisfying the wishes of his close friend Vladimir Putin.

Tom Price, Trump’s Secretary of Health and Human Services, remains under investigation for illegal actions involving the stock market. After purchasing healthcare related stock, he urged the House to pass legislation which would increase the value of that stock.

Trump casually authorized a raid in Yemen just days after his inauguration. He failed to seek advice from military experts or the national security services. The raid was a disaster resulting in the deaths of multiple civilians, one Navy Seal, and wounding three others. Trump attempted to continue his pattern of blaming President Obama for the disaster.

Most importantly, the investigation regarding Trump’s association with Vladimir Putin is continuing. The foreign press has confirmed that Trump has been a Russian agent for about a decade. The “Golden Showers Dossier” is factual. The fact that Trump is a sexual deviate is not a surprise, but his association with Russian oligarchs is criminal and a reason to prosecute the failed businessman. Evidence shows that he was assisting these men by laundering money involving the purchase of American real estate. The question now is will Republican politicians have the courage to do the right thing and expose their unfit president?

Scandals surround every member of Trump’s circle of sinners. Whether it involves close association with Russia, or personal misdeeds, not one of them is immune from close scrutiny.

For all Americans who are informed, there is no question about Putin’s influence over Trump. Your illegitimate president is a puppet, and the Russian president is pulling his strings.

Nearly every member of Trump’s circle of sinners has some association with Putin. I intentionally did not include Wilbur Ross, the Secretary of Commerce, who controlled the Bank of Cyprus, which is owned by Putin. His connection is the icing on the cake.

There is no such thing as coincidence. The man in the shadows is Robert Mercer. What we know about the billionaire is upsetting, but ‘where there’s smoke, there’s fire.’

Mercer became Trump chief contributor in 2016. He supports Breitbart, and is the reason for Steve Bannon and Kellyanne Conway’s involvement with Trump. Is there a connection between Mercer and Putin? Very likely.

The American people are forced to fight against the most corrupt government in history. Hypocritical Republican politicians are failing to stand by the American people, and are bowing to their party’s standard bearer, regardless of his unconstitutional actions. There are traitors in our midst, and they all have an “R” next to their names on ballots.

We can change the negative direction in which our nation is moving; we can take our country back.

The 2018 midterm election is near, and all 435 members of Congress are up for reelection, as well as one-third of the Senate. Your vote is your weapon; use it.

Please re-post, and thank you for standing up for America.


By James Turnage

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