Trump’s Budget Punishes the Poor and Favors the Rich


Trump likes spending your money, and wants to prevent you from receiving any of it in return. He travels to Mar-a-Lago at the cost of three-million dollars each time. Now he plans to “campaign” for 2020 every two months, and there is no estimate how much that will cost. However, his new budget proposal would remove aid to the poor, while increasing the wealth of those invested in the Military Industrial Complex.

Trump plans to eliminate several government agencies, including the Community Development Block Grant. This program offers housing assistance and other community programs.
One of those programs is “Meals on Wheels.” This program provides food for the elderly, disabled, and veterans who are unable to leave their homes. Last year Meals on Wheels provided food for 2.5 million Americans, including 500,000 veterans.

Many of Trump’s largest proposals would harm low-income and the impoverished. He plans to cut the budget of Health and Human Services by 18 percent, and Housing and Urban Development by 13 percent.

What should we expect from a man who has lived in luxury all of his life, and has never worked a single day? He is the “rich man’s president.” Trump takes care of Trump first. He is also eliminating a percentage of the funding for the NYPD. The same New York Police Department which is required to spend millions of dollars a year protecting Trump Tower where Melania and her son are residing.

Will Republicans “grow a pair” and refuse to accept Trump’s cuts to vital programs which affect the majority of our nation’s people? I doubt it; they are they party of hypocrites.

Please re-post, and plan to vote in November of 2018.


By James Turnage


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