The Illusion of Christianity in America


I was raised a Catholic. I was an altar boy, and for a short time considered becoming a priest. There was a time in my life when I went to mass every day, by myself, before school. I read the bible, and think of myself as a devout Christian during that time of my life.

All Christian religions have two things in common; they originated from Catholicism, and were created by men.

Contrary to politicians, our founding fathers were not religious; in fact, one of the main reasons they left England was to avoid mandatory religious participation. However, their primary beliefs were individual rights, freedom of speech, and freedom of expression, and this includes the right to practice any religion an individual may choose.

I have been fortunate to know many devout men and women who truly believe in the teachings of their religious leaders. These include Christians, Muslims, and Jews. I respect them and understand that this is not only religion, but a lifestyle.

However, I have no respect for politicians who claim to be Christians. I have no respect for the Christian religious right. I have a single reason for denouncing them; they are hypocrites.

First of all, the first amendment forbids a national religion, and Republicans have been violating the Constitution by placing the interests of this lobby ahead of all other religions, and all of us who shun religion.

That said, neither Republican politicians nor those who lobby for the Christian religious right believe in the teachings of Jesus Christ.

The bible is primarily a history book. The Old Testament is an accounting of the events prior to the birth of Jesus Christ. The books were written by men, and if you actually read these books, you will learn that these men had their own beliefs including certain prejudices.

Christianity is the result of the New Testament. If you believe that Jesus Christ was the Son of God, and that his teachings are the basis for your chosen religion, you may call yourself a Christian. However, if you are a politician who uses parts of the bible to verify your prejudices, and deny the teachings of Jesus Christ, you may not call yourself a Christian.

Under the guidance of the Christian religious right, right wing politicians are judgmental, and denounce any man or woman who does not share their narrow-minded beliefs.

All the commandments: You shall not commit adultery, you shall not kill, you shall not steal, you shall not covet, and so on, are summed up in this single command: You must love your neighbor as yourself.” Jesus Christ

Two of the easiest ways to become wealthy, are to become a Christian religious leader or a politician. Religions and their leaders do not pay taxes, and are offered respect they seldom deserve.

If you want to be perfect, go, sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven.” Jesus Christ

A true Christian does not judge, nor does he demand an individual to share his beliefs. I was taught that religion is private and should never be discussed in a public forum. Ideas cannot be forced on any individual who possesses free thought.

Let the one among you who is without sin be the first to cast a stone.” Jesus Christ

My prayer book is the Constitution. No document can receive priority over the Law of the Land if you are a true patriot.

Former presidential candidate, Ted Cruz, and vice-presidential candidate Mike Pence stated that their religion has precedence over the American people. First of all, their actions are not “Christian,” and their prejudices disallow them to claim that they are; this is hypocrisy at a level not seen before.

When I was a member of the Catholic Church, I was also taught that man has ‘free will.’ I believe that is factual. I know right from wrong, and I don’t need a man standing behind a pulpit to instruct me. I believe in spirituality; and every day is an effort to reach a higher level. I believe that all men are created equal. I denounce all prejudices; they are ignorant. All religions are valid, if those who practice them truly believe. People should not be classified. There should be no defining terms such as ‘white American,’ ‘black American,’ or even ‘Muslim American.’ If you believe in the Constitution, and pledge your allegiance to our nation, which is the people, not the government, you are a patriot.

There would be no prejudice if there were no political parties. They promote racism and bigotry for the sole purpose of acquiring votes. They appeal to white supremacists, Islamophobes, Homophobes, and sexists as they seek election. These men and women are not Christians; they are the opposite; they are professional politicians.

The midterm election in November of 2018 is approaching; take your country back.

Please re-post and share the truth.


By James Turnage

Photo courtesy of Felipe Cardenas Tamara

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