‘President Loser’ Must Visit a Mental Healthcare Facility

Trump (3)

We’re losing so much, and we’re tired of losing.” If Trump was able to tell the truth, this is what he would really say. During his campaign, he said that “we’re going to win so much, you’re going to get tired of winning.” Well, let’s see.

He badly lost the vote of the people to Hillary Clinton on November 8th. His inauguration had the smallest turnout since Lyndon Baines Johnson. His effort to ban Muslims from the United States failed. “Trumpcare” is sure to fail; his staunchest supporters will be unable to afford it. His false claim that he was wiretapped by President Obama lost its effort to receive hearings. He was unable to fool the media and congress when he attempted to pass off Michael Flynn’s illegal actions; loser. He also lost his attempt to keep Jeff Sessions involved in the investigation regarding his close relationship with Vladimir Putin. His approval rating is the lowest for any president in history for his first two months. Sadly, the biggest loser is the American people.

Trump’s ego is so fragile that he has begun holding rallies for 2020 before he has accomplished anything in Washington. His deep-seeded paranoia is pitiful; he continues to make a fool of himself. In a rally held in Tennessee last evening he told a huge lie, claiming that he had accomplished more in his first 50 days than any president. The fact are that he has done nothing positive for our nation. Trump has been spending lots of taxpayer money, traveling to Mar-a-Lago, taking a victory tour, and holding ridiculous rallies. These are not accomplishments; they are cries for help.

So from now on, let’s call him what he is; “President Loser.” The facts are there; from losing money and declaring bankruptcy four times; failing to make money from casinos; failing to win the election legitimately; failing as the pretend-president; and failing as a human being, he is truly the worst man in America.

Trump must be forced to do two things, or his popularity will continue to decline; he must produce his tax returns, and he must take a physical and mental examination.

Trump has played nine rounds of golf in less than two months, Seeing him in his golf clothes confirms that he is at least 60 pounds overweight; his derriere is as wide and a Prius. He likely has blood pressure and cholesterol problems which are affecting his 70-year-old tiny heart. He is a devout junk food addict.

Most importantly, he must receive a psychiatric evaluation. No one with such a weak temperament, and a penchant for constantly lying and fabricating “alternative facts,” can be mentally competent.

Ladies and gentlemen; it’s time for President Loser to go. November 2018 is drawing closer. Please vote and please re-post this and keep America informed. Thank you.


By James Turnage

Photo courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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