Trump’s Remarks on ‘Access Hollywood’ Left an Impression on our Young Including the Military

West Point

The television media discounted Trump’s vile evaluation of women on tapes revealed from ‘Access Hollywood,’ and ‘The Apprentice.’ This was additional proof that they allowed Trump a free pass, and offered him a far lower standard than Hillary Clinton. This was a travesty for our youngest Americans. They believed that if they became rich, powerful, or influential, anything they did to women was acceptable; they were objectified in the worst possible manner. One dirty old man justified sexual harassment and sexual assault. The media approved of Trump’s deplorable assertions.

The ‘Trump Effect’ is real. Hate crimes have experienced an outrageous increase since Trump’s illegitimate election, and sex crimes against women have become the norm.

The latest revelations come from the Naval Academy and West Point. Both report an increase in sexual assault. These facts mirror the broader picture of what is occurring in our armed forces. The Academies report a 12 percent increase in complaints by women, and a two percent increase from men.

“This is almost a new population of folks every four years and that makes it a little bit more difficult for the messages to build up and gather momentum,” said Nate Galbreath, deputy director of the Pentagon’s sexual assault prevention office.

“Unless the students have a bit of accountability on their own, unless they take the charge themselves, (senior) leadership can really only take them so far,” said Elizabeth Van Winkle, who is currently the assistant defense secretary for readiness. “If the students aren’t taking the charge themselves, you won’t make as much headway in this population.”

So, what influences young men and women more than their surroundings and the information offered them in that environment? The answer is simple. One man rose to power with the knowledge of most Americans that he lacked morality and witnessed minorities and women as second-class citizens. For him they were no more than objects to be used for his own needs and sexual gratification. “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

The previous quote is not solely attributable to the individual, but also to those who look up to them.

Idolatry is ludicrous. The youth of America all too often emulate sports figures, entertainment celebrities, and even business and political icons. They have little understanding of history, and almost nothing related to the struggle of minorities and women to be treated as equals with respect and understanding.

Once again I must say that Trump is a greater disaster to America’s future than Pearl Harbor or the tragedies on 9/11.

Only an American should be the President of the United States.

Please re-post and keep the American people informed.


By James Turnage


Photo courtesy of Adam Page

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