Trump and Carlson: When “Great Minds” Engage in Discussion


Trump sat down with FOX Noise’ Tucker Carlson on Thursday evening. This ‘safe zone’ interview went as expected. Carlson ‘soft-balled’ Trump questions making it appear that his first two months in office were acceptable to most of the American people. The truth is that they have been destructive; nothing positive has been offered from Trump and his circle of sinners.

It was not possible to have an ‘intelligent’ discussion when both men have similar, slanted views of America.

For a beginning, when Carlson asked Trump about the revelation of his 2005 tax returns, Trump began to brag; again. He claimed that his income was much higher than the two pages revealed. Because the many other pages which would expose deductions, etc., were not included, we have no proof about Trump’s statements. In typical Trump fashion, he told another lie, claiming that the return was illegally obtained, and denied reports that he, himself had leaked the documents.

When questions about tax reform, and healthcare emerged, more lies were offered. He claimed that he would reduce taxes for the middle class. This is contrary to the tax plan he proposed during the campaign. Experts claimed that his plan would be a ‘gift to the wealthy,’ and increase income inequality.

Trumpcare” is a failure. Trump’s claim that Obamacare was too costly, and that the plan proposed by Ryan would cover everyone and cost less, has been proven a complete falsehood. Older Americans will find it unafforable.

When asked about where he received information about his ridiculous claim that President Obama had ‘wiretapped’ Trump Tower, he back peddled several times. He first claimed that he read an article in the New York Times, a newspaper he has labeled as ‘fake-news.’ Of course he tweeted his assumption, ensuring that no one could ask him questions.

The truth; Trump said nothing. He continued to make promises he won’t keep, and claim successes he hasn’t made. He continues to take credit for events which began under the Obama Administration.

What the interview did was offer the audience more lies and more hot air. Trump has no substance, and no morals. Without one minute of experience before his inauguration, this is what we should have expected. The presidency is not a position which allows ‘on-the-job-training.’

Trump must be deported from the White House.

Please re-post and keep America informed.


By James Turnage


Photo courtesy of Gage Skidmore

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