Mike Flynn is in Even Deeper “Doo Doo”


Okay, so here it is; Mike Flynn was working for the Turkish government during Trump’s campaign. He also received money from Russia. The truth is that Trump and his staff knew everything long before the election.

In December of 2015, Flynn was paid $33,750 by RT-Television for a speech in Moscow. “I didn’t take any money from Russia,” Flynn told Yahoo News in July.

Let’s see, if we examine the facts, there might be a connection between Russia, Trump, and several of his circle of sinners.

Let’s begin years ago with the leader of this corrupt circle of sinners; ‘Dealing Donnie.’

The foreign news service has confirmed the “Golden Showers Dossier.” Although the stories regarding depraved sexual encounters between Trump and young prostitutes is disgusting, far more egregious is the fact that he discussed laundering money for Russian oligarchs. Trump has been a Russian agent for at least six years.

Then there’s Mike Flynn. He was confirmed by the hypocritical Republican controlled Senate as Trump’s National Security Adviser; he lasted 24 days before he was fired. The reason given was that he lied to Mike Pence, but the truth was that Pence was aware of the facts long ago.

Rex Tillerson is the Secretary of State, likely the most important position in the White House after the president. He was confirmed although he has very close personal and business ties with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Secretary of Commerce, Wilbur Ross, is one of the leading members of the Board of Directors of the Bank of Cyprus. This bank is controlled by the Russian government, and therefore Vladimir Putin.

Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, was in contact with a Russian ambassador/spy during the campaign, although he denied it during his confirmation hearings.

Paul Manafort was Trump’s campaign manager until he was forced to resign for fear of blackmail. He worked for the former President of the Ukraine, who was supported by Vladimir Putin. He received tens of thousands of dollars, which were never reported. Once again, he has a relationship with Putin.

Other less prominent members of Trump’s circle of sinners have also been exposed for their Russian connections.

So; a single question. Why is there an investigation about Trump and Putin? The facts are available for everyone to see. Is the Republican Party attempting to prevent Trump from receiving articles of impeachment?

Add to this multiple ethics violations, probable criminal connections conducting business ventures, and more than a dozen accusations of sexual assault, and it is obvious that Trump must be evicted from the White House.

Commit all of your resolve to vote in November of 2018. With Democrats in control of Congress, Trump will be powerless.

Please re-post, and keep America informed.


By James Turnage


Photo Courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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