Fittingly, Trump Sees Himself as a Modern Andrew Jackson


The seventh President of the United States was Andrew Jackson. He is remembered for three items. He is credited with the creation of the Democratic Party. He believed in “ethnic cleansing.” Jackson despised Native Americans, and believed that they should be removed from American life. Finally, his creation of the Democratic Party was intertwined with his belief in white supremacy. He was firmly convinced that only whites could self-govern themselves.

When Donald Trump traveled to the ‘Hermitage’ yesterday to lay a wreath on Jackson’s grave, it was unnerving, but not surprising. Trump considers himself a modern day Andrew Jackson. He falsely claims that, like Jackson, he is struggling against ‘white elitists’ in support of the ‘average white man.’

Trump’s circle of sinners is composed of billionaires and millionaires; ‘white elitists.’ However, Trump is a white supremacist, and has surrounded himself with like-minded old, white men. His circle of sinners is the ‘whitest’ in modern history. The word, ‘diversity,’ is not in his administration’s dictionary. Steve Bannon, Jeff Sessions, Robert Mercer, and others have, by their actions, proven their beliefs in white nationalism. We must not omit Trump’s puppeteer, Vladimir Putin, who may be the ultimate supporter of a single race.

If America can survive Trump’s illegitimate presidency, there is some good news. Because of Trump, who will be 74 years old in 2020, and most of his circle of sinners, some of whom will be even older, the American people will soon be released from the control of prejudiced old, white men. Diverse Americans will soon control at least two branches of our government. Younger, more dedicated men and women will control congress. Living in the White House may be someone who previously had no opportunity to become the President of the United States. President Obama changed the future. America may soon have someone as diverse as a black, homosexual woman, who practices Islam. Now that would be truly American; defining the intent of the Constitution.


By James Turnage


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