A Short List of Anti-American Lobbies Who Control our Government


First I must begin with the facts; lobbies are not only un-American, they are unconstitutional. They violate two of the amendments of our nation’s most precious definition of the ultimate laws of the United States. Lobbyists violate the first and 14th amendments. These groups represent a small faction of America; the wealthiest of our nation’s people. The working class does not have lobbyists, and are therefore denied a voice in congress, and equal protection under the law.

Lobbies have destroyed our Democratic Republic, established by our founding fathers, and replaced it with an oligarchy. 535 men and women control our nation and ignore the needs and desires of 320 million. Here is a short list of these groups of anti-Americans who have paid for the votes of your Representatives and Senators.

Let’s begin with the most greedy and vile of all major corporations; the oil and gas industry. They continue to receive subsidies from your corrupt government, while acting as the most egregious violators of environmental law. Fracking is the most dangerous drilling process in American history, and greedy state and federal politicians have both ignored and denied the facts.

The Pharmaceutical industry is totally out of control. The FDA has allowed them to practice immorally in two distinct manners. They overcharge for their life-saving drugs. Americans who cannot afford them are guaranteed to lose their lives.

Most significantly, they receive approval from the FDA, well aware that the side effects of their poisonous concoctions are far more dangerous than reported prior to their sanction from an agency which once protected the American people.

When the truth is revealed, the pharmaceutical companies are more than happy to pay retribution in the form of tens of millions of dollars; they have already received profits in the billions from prior sales.

The Christian religious right is not ‘Christian,’ and always wrong. They own a significant part of the Republican Party. They are violating the first amendment by instituting themselves as America’s only religion. They deny the Constitutional rights of women and the LGBTQ community in the pretense of religion. The fact is that they are committing sins denounced by Jesus Christ. They fail to ‘love one another’ without condition, and judge others; a right which belongs to God the Father alone according to Christ.

Lastly, for now, is the NRA gun lobby. They have no concern for gun rights or the second amendment. Their only purpose is to increase the profits of gun manufacturers and gun sellers. Until 1976, they were a gun safety group until their leadership realized that there was profit to be made. They protect the criminally insane and suspected terrorists, while denying the right to safety of the majority. Thanks to the NRA, we are the only nation in the world that is filled with “gun nuts.”

All lobbies are bad for America and the American people; but these are the worst. As long as they are allowed to infest Washington, giving millions of dollars to our legislators each year, our government will be dysfunctional.

Only when the working class; the majority of the American people; have lobbyists in Washington will our government serve all of the American people.

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By James Turnage

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