While Trump is ‘Screwing Up’ Domestic Issues, Korea Escalates its Threats


If it wasn’t intentional, I would pity Trump for his horrific mistakes. He is violating ethics laws; violating the Constitution; destroying valuable government agencies; and murdering thousands of Americans by removing effective healthcare. What he is not doing is handling growing threats from Russia and North Korea.

Putin continues to consolidate power through financial acquisitions, interfering in the elections of even more nations, and murdering his opposition.

Kim Jong-un is perfecting his nuclear weaponry, as North Korea is becoming a greater threat in the region. Trump is ignoring this escalating situation; ignoring our allies.

The U.S.S. Carrier, Carl Vinson, arrived off of the coast of South Korea to engage in joint military exercises. It is recognized as a ‘show of force’ intended to intimidate Kim Jong-un; it isn’t working.

Since Trump’s inauguration, North Korea has twice launched missiles; violating international law. The first time, Trump was vacationing at Mar-a-Lago in Florida. When he was informed of the event, he remained at the dinner table, in full view of other patrons while he discussed the issue with two of his circle of sinners. He did not meet with officials in the Pentagon, or the heads of the intelligence agencies. The second time, he made no comment and did nothing.

Will he react when Kim Jong-un launches a nuclear weapon? Will that become an issue important enough to force a response? Why is his Secretary of State not conducting meetings with his Chinese counterparts?

I have the answer; and it’s frightening. The Trump administration has no idea about what it is doing. There is not a single iota of experience in his circle of sinners.

Some of you have elected a man who does not take his job seriously. He sits around watching cable television, while he stuffs junk food into his extra-large pie hole. Meanwhile, a white supremacist is running the White House.

While Trump is signing unconstitutional executive orders to ban Muslims from our shores, nations are planning the destruction of America.

Trump refuses to read the ‘Presidential Daily Briefing,’ relying on the fools he appointed or nominated to inform him of world events. He is ignoring our national security agencies, while relying on FOX Noise or Alex Jones to learn “alternative facts.”

Be very afraid my fellow Americans; Trump is failing his ‘on-the-job training.’

Please re-post; the American people have a right to know the truth.


By James Turnage


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