My Definitions: “Trumpenstein:” “Circle of Sinners:” “Double Dealing Donnie”


During the Campaign, Ted Cruz called Trump a ‘pathological liar, and a serial philanderer.’ Both were accurate, but today Cruz is kissing Trump’s derriere. After carefully addressing the phenomena that was Trump, I began to call him “Trumpenstein.” I felt it was accurate.

Trumpenstein was created by failed Republican leadership. They had support from their base; rich, old, white men, but other Republican voters were angry and felt that they were no longer represented by their party. When Trump’s rhetoric became prejudiced, racists and bigots came out of the shadows and joined the circus.

The final act by Trumpenstein’s supporters was to reject the efforts of GOP leaders to renounce Trump and his candidacy.

Joining his supporters were Vladimir Putin, the television media, and FBI Director, James Comey.

After Trump was gifted the election by the Electoral College, he began selecting his top advisers and the members of his cabinet. Each choice was less qualified and more deplorable than his previous selection. Trump chose the least diverse cabinet in modern history. The only qualification appeared to be a hatred for the Constitution and the truth. Although he denounced Wall Street; specifically Goldman-Sachs, his administration added multiple men who failed the American people during the great recession. Billionaires dominate Trump’s administration.

His top adviser is a white supremacist, as is his Attorney General. Others include Islamophobes, homophobes, sexists, and anti-Semites. I began to label them Trump’s “circle of sinners.” I felt the title apropos.

I searched for a name for Trump for months. “Illegitimate president” is accurate, but lacked definition. Finally, after he told thousands of lies to the press and the American people, I found his true name: “Double-Dealing Donnie.” He has been a failure at everything he attempted. His only successes were accomplished through lies, deception, bribery, and bullying.

Now when I use my terms for Trump and his cronies, you will understand the ‘why.’

If Trump wins, America loses. We must defeat the most immoral man in America. This country belongs to us; the White House is America’s most cherished residence; Trump is our servant, not we, his.


By James Turnage

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