KKK Thrives as the Trump Effect Grows: White Terrorists Come out of the Closet


I have little respect for the television media, but I am extremely angry about one issue. They are failing the American people by refusing to report the growth of hate crimes in America since Trump’s illegitimate election.

Mosques, Synagogues, and cemeteries have been vandalized and even burned. The LGBTQ community has been verbally and physically threatened. Muslim women who choose to wear the hijab are harassed and face threats of physical harm. Women in general have been made to feel less valuable and are treated as second-class citizens. Blacks and Hispanics live in fear. All of these anti-American situations have grown thanks to the Trump Effect.

Dahlonega, Georgia is a small town. Recently residents woke up to a symbol from the past which was very upsetting. Hanging above an office building was a new sign. It read: “Historic Ku Klux Klan Meeting Hall.” There was also a cartoonish drawing of an individual in traditional KKK attire. On one corner of the building a Confederate flag hung, and on the other a red flag with a white cross and the letters ‘KKK.’

In upstate New York, the home of a Jewish man was spray painted with swastikas.

In Virginia fliers were distributed in several neighborhoods with the message: Make America WHITE again-and greatness will follow.”

In Colorado, two typewritten notes that read “WERE GONNA BLOW UP ALL OF YOU REFUGEES,” were left at a community center serving mainly Muslim immigrants.

This is what Trump when he selected his slogan: “Make America Great Again.” With his selection of Steve Bannon, and Jeff Sessions, it has now been confirmed that Trump is indeed a white supremacist.

These degenerates who performed these vile acts are completing Trump’s mandate. Throughout his campaign, he preached anger, hatred, and violence.

This is one of many reasons why Trump will never be my president. This is not my America. I believe that the Constitution is the greatest document ever created by man. I do not accept or condone those who harbor hatred for others based on their ethnicity, skin color, sex, sexual orientation, or religious preference; this is the greatest example of pure ignorance possible by mankind.

During Trump’s campaign, he was endorsed by the KKK and other white nationalist groups; he never disavowed them or their support.


By James Turnage


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