Trump and Putin’s Plan to Return America to the “Dark Ages:” Circa 1930


Steve Bannon promised that the Trump era would be “as exciting as the 1930s”. (In the same interview, he said “Darkness is good” – citing Satan, Darth Vader and Dick Cheney as examples.) For anyone under 30, who has not studied history; real history; I must inform you that the 1930’s and even the first half of the 1940’s are known as the ‘dark ages.’ Steve Bannon, Trump’s top adviser and avowed white supremacist, is referring to a time when our nation suffered the ‘great depression,’ the world experienced the rise of Adolf Hitler, and eventual world war. Josef Stalin was murdering thousands of his own citizens in Russia. More than 40 million Americans were unemployed, and most of our citizens lived in poverty. This is Bannon’s dream for America.

2017 began with similarities to the 1930’s. Around the world there is a new environment of extreme nationalism. The effect has also created a large number of dissidents. Governments around the globe are controlling the people of their nations through fear tactics and racism. Irrational fear of Syrian refugees has sparked some nations to reject their progressive governments and institute leaders who support isolationism through distrust of others unlike themselves.

In America, the Trump effect is obvious. Trump supporters are loyal to their illegitimate president, accepting his unconstitutional actions and criminal endeavors. There is little concern about maintaining democracy. Trump has constantly denounced the legitimate free press, and his followers consider them an ‘enemy of the people.’ They accept “alternative facts,” rather than the truth.

It is widely known that Bannon wrote Trump’s inauguration speech in which he used the slogan “America First.” twice. The only nation not denounced by Trump and his circle of sinners is Russia. The reason is obvious; he and many of his circle of sinners have close relationships with Vladimir Putin.

As the American people suffered, Germany celebrated their new Chancellor in 1933. Hitler demanded an extreme version of loyalty not experienced in the world until today. Trump criticizes everyone who is not blindly loyal to him. The primary difference between the two is that Hitler’s temperament was slightly less fragile than Trump’s.

Finally, Ivan Ilyin was a philosopher of Russian fascism influential eight decades ago. His philosophy is revered by Vladimir Putin, and therefore by Trump.

Among other things, Ilyin wrote that individuality was evil; that the “variety of human beings” represented a failure of God to complete creation; that what mattered was not individual people but the “living totality” of the nation; that Hitler and Mussolini were exemplary leaders who were saving Europe by dissolving democracy; and that fascist holy Russia ought to be governed by a “national dictator”. Ilyin spent the 30s exiled from the Soviet Union, but Putin has brought him back, quoting him in his speeches and laying flowers on his grave.

You might want to read a very long but informative article attached below. Writing for the Guardian, Jonathan Freedland explains the 1930’s and why this darkest time in the United States and the world is making another comeback.


By James Turnage


Photo courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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