Fascism 101


I’m afraid, based on my own experience, that fascism will come to America in the name of national security.” Jim Garrison

Fascism is a worldwide disease. Its greatest threat to the United States will come after the war, either via Latin America or within the United States itself.” Henry A. Wallace

If you became the President of the United States, and your goal was to eliminate democracy, and replace it with a fascism regime, what steps would you take? If you have been paying close attention to the actions of Donald Trump and his circle of sinners, you are witnessing a classic example of the destruction of our government which served the American people for 240 years, and their efforts to replace it with fascism.

It began with a man with no experience in government at any level who excited his supporters with false promises. He used emotions to convince these uninformed individuals that he would be a great leader, and make their country ‘great again.’ Fear, anger, and hatred created a form of ‘nationalism;’ unrestricted loyalty to one man who made false claims. He promised to serve the people and remove the gridlock in Washington.

Immediately after his election, Trump began consolidating power. One by one Republicans who vehemently opposed a Trump presidency bowed to his power, and anointed him as their new fuhrer.

His most important effort has been to deny the American people knowledge of the truth. By continually denouncing the free and legitimate press, Trump influenced the ignorant and uninformed to believe ‘fake news’ such as FOX Noise, Alex Jones, Rush Limbaugh, and others who offered “alternative facts.” And it’s working. Surveys show that nearly one-third of the American people believe that the media is an enemy of the American people.

The next move to create fascism involves foreign relations. The government will align itself only with nations who support the new autocratic leader. This leader will therefore surround himself with only those who unquestionably support him and carry out his agenda. These advisers will have close ties with foreign nations who support and advise the new, all powerful leader.

Freedom of religion must be removed. A single religion must be established as the national religion, and in control of the totalitarian leader.

Government must become smaller, and easier to control. Trump has removed experienced men and women from the State Department, and cut its budget by one-third. At least 40 men and women have been removed from their positions in the Justice Department. Scott Pruitt has begun to dismantle the Environmental Protection Agency. Betsy DeVos is revealing plans to destroy public education and replace it with charter and private schools under government control. The curriculum will be dictated by the leader of the nation.

What remains law will be at the pleasure of the fuhrer. Ethics and morals are of no consequence. Nationalism is mandatory, and the people must accept that the only “facts” will originate from the nation’s leader. Although the information may be false, the people must trust in one man’s words and support his goals.

Fascism cannot accept the existence of minorities as citizens who have equal rights. They can only be used as tools and even slaves of a single ethnicity. White nationalism will rule the weak, and those with “lesser intellect.”

If you watch television for your news; if you accept the lies from Trump, Pence, and his circle of sinners without question; you probably believe that our nation is secure, and safe in the hands of the most immoral and corrupt illegitimate president in history; you would be sorely mistaken. Trump’s agenda is supportive of the wealthy and powerful; he does not represent the majority.

The rise of fascism must be blamed on the failed Republican Party. It has become weak and hypocritical. It is in control of all three branches of government, and is failing 320 million Americans. They angrily denounced Trump until he was gifted the presidency by the Electoral College.

Republicans are denying the fact that Trump has been an agent for Russian President Vladimir Putin for six years, and was aided in the election by Russian agents. Putin is guiding Steve Bannon and Donald Trump as they attempt to remove the last vestiges of democracy from America. The oligarchy which is now our government will soon become a plutocracy, and served by a fascist government.

If you love your country; fight back; take it back. Never give up, and never surrender to a government which hates the real America.


By James Turnage

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