A Very Low Standard for Your Illegitimate President


During the 2016 campaign, the television media set an extremely low standard for Donald Trump. They expected perfection from Hillary, but Trump was given a free pass, even after he was accused of sexually assaulting more than a dozen women. His rallies were given five-times more coverage than all other candidates combined. Now that he is soiling the White House sheets, the bar continues to be set lower than for any other politician in Washington in history.

Trump has done nothing for his country since his inauguration. In fact, he has never accomplished a single action for anyone else other than himself throughout his revolting life. He has destroyed the faith of a nation in their leaders, and divided our country for many years to come.

But that doesn’t stop Trump from taking credit for situations which were either planned long before his gifted presidency, or the result of groundwork which began before he declared his candidacy.

Trump has not created a single job since he was elected. For years he criticized President Obama claiming that the unemployment numbers were skewed. He labeled them phony numbers” and “one of the biggest hoaxes in American politics” Now that he is your illegitimate president, his tune has changed.

Trump is taking credit for a decreasing unemployment rate which is the result of Mr. Obama’s policies.

Q: “Trump has said jobs rpts are “phony”, what about now?”
SPICER: “They may have been phony in the past, but it’s very real now.”

Trust me; the media will not jump on an opportunity to call Trump a liar; they have surrendered to the schoolyard bully.

I am proud to be one of many who keep the American people, and people around the world informed. The truth must be told, and Trump and his circle of sinners exposed.

Please re-post so as many of the world’s people as possible will rebuke Trump’s legitimacy and his authority. Trump works for the American people, and it’s time for someone to stand up and say; “you’re fired.”


By James Turnage


Photo courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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